While global demand for tech talent rises, the best candidates become harder to find. Employers are left to deal with candidate screening and selection processes that are typically cumbersome, costly and hit-and-miss.

Gooroo's Talent Matching System helps employers and recruiters identify quality talent; faster, more accurately and cost effectively than ever before.

Gooroo's advanced talent identification technology rates and ranks the most superior applicants; scoring each candidate on key dimensions of 'fit'. Hirers promote their role via existing channels and invite well-matched candidates from Gooroo's talent pools. When an applicant applies, the Gooroo platform evaluates their expertise and experience, and ranks each individual based on a predictive measure of engagement in the role and contribution to the team and company. 

Core technology

Gooroo’s core technology leverages artificial intelligence disciplines such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). In June 2016 Gooroo acquired ColourGrid™, an advanced applied behavioural science toolkit that is used to evaluate an individual’s mindset, work styles, contribution and alignment to a company and team.

Market focus

Gooroo is initially targeting the US$100 billion+ global information technology (IT) recruitment sector which promotes over 25 million vacancies each year.  Gooroo’s objective is to remove up to 90% of the time wasted in what is a $14 billion global problem.

The Gooroo Hirer platform is available to companies and recruiters. 

It is expected that Gooroo's core platform will be applied to other industry sectors in time.

Problem being solved

The Gooroo platform addresses the two primary challenges tech talent and employers find:

  • wasted time and money; and

  • the cost of failure to deliver products and services in a digital world.

This is typically characterised by:

  • qualified tech talent being very hard to find as demand for technology competency continues its global rise

  • the increasingly transient nature of the sector is adding pressure on organisations to retain talent

  • the work that technology talent want to do is often misunderstood by hiring managers and recruiters, creating deep frustration and cost

  • the increasing pressure on hirers to find better talent, while increasing diversity and removing bias

  • hiring tech talent relies on a deep knowledge of technology concepts and platforms – skill that hirers typically do not have or do not feel entirely confident with; and

  • there is little confidence in how individuals represent their skills and experience on their CV, adding cost and time to the recruitment process.

Multiple revenue streams

Primarily, hirers (employers/recruiters) subscribe to access the platform and pay a fee for each job posted.

Multiple revenue streams are available to Gooroo as it progressively rolls out its commercialisation strategy.

Global alliance with Microsoft Corporation

In January 2016 Gooroo signed a three-year alliance with Microsoft, affirming the value of Gooroo to the global IT community. Gooroo is providing a series of special benefits to millions of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) and Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) of which Microsoft communicate through various mediums. Gooroo has also been awarded Microsoft Learning Partner status.

Learn more on the Microsoft landing page

Source: Microsoft produced banner used to promote alliance on social media

A fast growing, global database of IT professionals

Gooroo has built  an online talent community of technology professionals, now exceeding 19,500 individuals. This is complemented by a database of over 16 million profiles around the world. This pool of talent is now accessible to employers and recruiters organisations via the Gooroo Hirer platform www.gooroo.io/hirer.

Source: A visualisation produced from Gooroo's member database (August 2016)

Source: A visualisation produced from Gooroo's member database (August 2016)

Gooroo wins Innovation of the Year

Gooroo Hirer was recognized as Innovation of the Year by peak industry body AIIA in the Big Data & Machine Learning category at the Victorian iAwards. 

The iAwards are the most recognised and prestigious technology innovation award in Australia. The iAwards discover, recognise and reward the technology innovations that have the potential to, or are already having a positive impact on the community – at home, in the office and on a global scale.