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What does Gooroo do?

Gooroo’s patent-pending technology, based on neuroscience and artificial intelligence, maps how different people think and make decisions in their lives and at work.

Gooroo applies its technology in the areas of Human Capital, Marketing and Careers.

Our purpose

To build experiences that positively influence the lives of all humans so that they can be happier, healthier and more productive.

Core products & service areas

Human Capital

Offering an enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and Human Capital ecosystem that delivers an integrated and seamless experience for leaders, teams, recruiters, staff and job seekers.

For Enterprises & Teams

For enterprises, Gooroo technology profiles staff and teams and provides the analytics and tools to support the transformation of a workforce to become more collaborative, adaptive, responsive to change, and growth-focused.

Gooroo technology:

  • Informs how to align the people organisation with the views and requirements of the customer and external market

  • Helps identify the opportunities to improve the diversity of thinking at all levels of the organisation

  • Provides an insight in to the individual thinking and work style preferences of peers and team members, supporting better discussion, team-based collaboration and decisions

  • Identifies performers and future leaders, early; and how to get them ready

  • Measures and provides understanding of the individual and related drivers to an existing culture; identifying the priorities and steps to better balance and harmony

  • Informs the design of collaborative, agile and higher performing teams

  • Profiles all staff within an organisation delivering actionable insight in how to communicate, engage and motivate people

  • Informs the decisions that need to be made when merging two or more groups of people, such as in a merger or acquisition

  • Identifies areas of individual staff development and provides new opportunities for managerial dialogue with their team.

  • Can provide every staff member with their own Gooroo experience, delivering personal workstyle and mindset insights along with the ability to manage their skills, interests, passions and work preferences.

For Talent Acquisition Professionals

Gooroo helps achieve a better fit by matching people to roles and teams. Gooroo technology:

  • Calculates fit to an open role by analysing an individual’s skills, competencies, passion, workstyle and mindset, against the skill and mindset requirements of the role, team and culture

  • Benchmarks the behavioural and decision-making characteristics present within high performers to be used in future roles

  • Offers an end-to-end recruitment process; role definition, benchmarking, applicant tracking, candidate screening and ranking, shortlisting and candidate communication

  • Supports the promotion and development of candidate pools and communities for more efficient and targeted matching

  • Profiles the capabilities that already exist internally within a business to allow for more effective and accurate identification and sourcing from within

  • Enables the sharing of an open role with one or more external recruiters, delivering an integrated sourcing funnel where shortlisted applicants appear in one ranked list

  • Provides detailed candidate reporting to support decision making and to share internally or with clients.


Gooroo Marketing provides ‘meaning’ to any dataset related to people and offers guidance in how to apply that meaning. With an understanding about how specific audiences will make choices and decisions, this enables more accurate and actionable insights for faster and more confident decision-making.

Gooroo Marketing delivers:

  • Real human insight - Gooroo knows how people think. Customers can dive much deeper into understanding their customers, and how to engage them in a more meaningful way.

  • Meaningful communication - Every customer and prospect is different. Gooroo provides the tools and intelligence to create meaningful communications that will resonate.

  • Better outcomes - Gooroo technology drives more effective marketing outcomes and more efficient use of marketing funds.

Gooroo Marketing is being used in the following areas:

  1. Communication strategy, creative development and targeting - Gooroo delivers detailed information on how to communicate. This enables marketers to develop tailored communications that resonate with your customers when and where they are most receptive.

  2. Product and Portfolio Development - Develops a deep understanding of why customers buy, and what is important in their decision-making process. This helps ensure the products built are right for an organisation’s customers, to make improvements and/or develop new products.

  3. Customer retention and acquisition - By identifying and profiling different patterns of thinking associated with customers, marketers understand more about their best customers and prospects, how to communicate to them, their approach to decision making, their likelihood to convert or upsell and where to find more of them.

  4. Network (store) optimisation - Using a combination of analysis of store catchments, store sales and customer data, pinpoint which stores under/over perform and why.

The key benefits are -

  • Actionable - Informs creative development, communications strategy, personalisation, product and portfolio development.

  • Fast - Traditional custom research studies can take weeks or even months to deliver meaningful insight. Gooroo can deliver meaningful and actionable intelligence in just days.

  • Flexible - Gooroo works with the data clients have available today. There is no need to make additional data investment to get the meaning they need.


Gooroo Careers offers a SaaS-based platform catered for students, learning institutions and career advisors.

Gooroo Careers establishes individual development pathways to reskill and upskill for the future. Gooroo matches individuals to career areas, learning and job opportunities, helping them take more control over their lives and future direction.

Gooroo is working with training organisations, universities and strategic partners to provide employability solutions for completing students preparing for entering the workforce. Gooroo supports all job categories and regions (currently only English speaking).

Gooroo also runs one of the world’s largest communities of tech professionals, located at, offering a rich career management services for those entering IT to seasoned professionals. Gooroo is a Microsoft Learning Partner, and is authorised to issue Microsoft certifications.

Advisory and Training

Expert advisory services support Gooroo technology implementation and adoption.

Gooroo’s Executive and Professional Development Centre delivers training and certification programs that are offered to customers and partners to understand how to apply Gooroo tools and technology.

Advisory services are priced on demand based on the implementation. Training packages are offered for individuals and groups.

Gooroo science & technology

Gooroo’s core technology leverages artificial intelligence disciplines such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). In June 2016 Gooroo acquired ColourGrid™, a platform based on neuroscience that is used to evaluate an individual’s mindset, work styles, contribution and alignment to a company and team.

Human Thinking

The Gooroo ColourGrid™.  Try it here

The Gooroo ColourGrid™. Try it here

Gooroo's approach based on strategic thinking research conducted over 40 years by Dr Colin Benjamin OAM (whose IP Gooroo Ventures acquired in June 2016). Gooroo's human thinking IP represents an integrated theory from over 100 leading experts such as De Bono, Hofstede, Inglehart, Jung, Mathis, Trompenaars and Dr Benjamin. Gooroo has since established a Human Thinking Research Unit to extend the framework and explore further applications with partners.

Gooroo's Advanced Relational Meaning System (ARMS) replicates the way that brain, mind, and consciousness are integrated to build a frame of reference for how we make decisions, in particular in times of choice and uncertainty. It allows us to establish the sequence and patterns of human thought that generates 'meaning' and a preferred pathway to a specific goal and objective. This allows us to map an individual’s likely decision-making patterns in specific settings and environments. This capabillity was the subject of a patent application in October 2017.


Gooroo technology is hosted on Microsoft Azure and the Workforce Analytics platform is made available via a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription licencing model.

Key features of Gooroo technology includes:

  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) and microservices deliver secure and efficient services and integration capabilities

  • Natural language processing and parsing engine capable of ingesting very large volumes of job ads, resumes/CVs and social profiles

  • Neural network of skills that is used to inform the relationships between individual skills and roles

  • Matching engine capable of analysing millions of individual profiles and scoring each person against job roles requirements (expertise, experience and engagement) and training

Matching system

What's special & different?

No-one in the world can match Gooroo's ability to map patterns of human decision making when an individual is subject to choice and challenge.

Gooroo has developed world-first capability that understands ‘how’ every person in the world thinks.

As a result, Gooroo's human thinking capability is poised to influence many industries:

  • Marketing – targeting and communicating more effectively with customers

  • Business transformation – informing the development of capability that is growth-oriented, aligned and makes better decisions

  • Careers – delivering more personalised training and job pathways

  • Recruitment – matching right person to right role

  • Education – aligning to individual learning styles

  • Service delivery – delivering more personalised experiences that help to differentiate

Being a cloud-based platform, Gooroo handles impressive scale; offering even global corporations unparalleled insight, speed and confidence over their decisions. 

The pace of technological change necessitates rapid transformation of national economies, industries and businesses. Gooroo is the only tool that can help engineer change, instead of suffering it – at a personal level for every citizen and employee.


Gooroo establishes a platform for better decisions which delivers widespread savings, returns & untapped possibilities.

Just some of the benefits of using Gooroo:

  • Ability to integrate multiple people datasets to deliver individual patterns of thinking

  • A more innovative and prepared business is ready to combat competitive threats and capitalise on market opportunities

  • Access improved team performance through better team design and stronger engagement

  • Identify future leaders early, while identifying those less aligned to the organisation's future

  • Delivery of more insightful and engaging staff development plans to support re-skilling of the workforce

  • High performing teams do more, with less, more often and faster

  • Better information in the hiring process reduces bias, improves stakeholder alignment and fit, lowering the rate of bad hires and the large cost, time and emotional impacts

  • Dramatic reduction in the time to hire and cost to hire, improving responsiveness and efficiency

  • Faster time to productivity for new hires.

Patenting the process of 'how we think'

In October 2017, Gooroo lodged a patent application on the process of human thinking - securing Gooroo’s globally unique ability to map the decision-making patterns of individuals. The application of this intellectual property is both significant for organisations who seek to better understand and engage their workforce & customers.

Gooroo is working on two new patent applications in 2018. 


Global alliance with Microsoft Corporation

In January 2016 Gooroo signed a three-year alliance with Microsoft, providing career planning tools millions of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) and Most Valued Professionals (MVPs). Gooroo has also been awarded Microsoft Learning Partner status.

Learn more on the Microsoft landing page

Source: Microsoft produced banner used to promote alliance on social media

Building a community of IT professionals

Gooroo continues to build an online community of ICT/Digital professionals, now exceeding 26,000 individuals. This specialised pool of talent is made available as a value-added feature to subscribers of Gooroo People Analytics.

Source: A visualisation produced from Gooroo's member database (August 2016)

Source: A visualisation produced from Gooroo's member database (August 2016)

Gooroo wins Creativity & Innovation award

Gooroo was awarded the 2018 APSCo Creativity & Innovation Award for Excellence. APSCo (the Association of Professional Staffing Companies) represents the interests of recruitment organisations and the world's largest professional staffing association.

The Awards for Excellence are the most prestigious accolades in the professional staffing sector. The Awards are a global indicator of professional standards and personal achievement and, as such, are widely recognised by clients and Governments and industry peers.


Gooroo wins Innovation of the Year

Gooroo's Workforce Analytics platform  was recognised as Innovation of the Year by peak industry body AIIA in the Big Data & Machine Learning category at the Victorian iAwards. 

The iAwards are the most recognised and prestigious technology innovation award in Australia. The iAwards discover, recognise and reward the technology innovations that have the potential to, or are already having a positive impact on the community – at home, in the office and on a global scale.

Michael North, CEO, Kinetic IT
Kinetic IT
Our business is about bringing great people together to service our customers. Talent is paramount to Kinetic IT. The automation technology Gooroo provides will enable greater insights to assist us to work more efficiently and with greater precision.
— Michael North, CEO, Kinetic IT
Rod Bryan
We have been working hard on building new service lines and solutions that integrate the Gooroo technology and intellectual property. Gooroo represents an important cog in our strategy and we are excited about the significant opportunities that are now in front of us both. 

We believe that our relationship with Gooroo will deliver significant commercial returns for the firm.
— Rod Bryan, Lead Partner Solution 49x, KPMG
Georgina Parker, Xpand
We have utilised psychometric tools in the past but found the results too shallow and generic to be of any value. We needed more sophisticated technology to extract information that would facilitate our decision-making, instead of being just a “cosmetic” supplement. Gooroo stood out to us as the most insightful tool that was truly fit for our purpose.
— Georgina Parker, Country Manager Singapore, Xpand