Gooroo Monthly Shareholder Update - March 2017

Gooroo continues to focus on commercialisation and optimisation of the hirer platform. We are seeing continued success on both the hirer and talent sides of the marketplace, with strong feedback and growth in key metrics.

Watch or read the update from Gooroo CEO Greg Muller.

Gooroo Monthly Shareholder Update – February 2017

Gooroo's sales process continues to work well, increasing customers from 693 (last update on Feb 3) to nearly 1100 at month end. Optimisation efforts are paying off, with increasing use and engagement. 

Watch the video of Greg Muller, Gooroo CEO covering the February results and the momentum the business is creating.

USA sales update - 546 new customers since launch of Hirer 8 days ago

The Company has exceeded its first week target of new customer sign-ups by over 150%. 546 companies have now joined Gooroo Hirer in the USA over the past 8 business days (to 2 February 2017). This brings the total to 693 customers when including Australia.

Gooroo enters USA market

Gooroo has successfully deployed an inside sales team focused on capturing the USA market of employers. The objective for this team is to acquire new customers and provide customer support to maximise customer satisfaction, engagement and revenue.

Gooroo Monthly Shareholder Update – December 2016

Gooroo delivers on December target of 100 organisations on the platform. These organisations will roll into subscriptions and revenue from January 2017. We’re adding sales staff in Australia and the USA to deliver a high-touch sales and onboarding experience.

Gooroo Monthly Shareholder Update – November 2016

Gooroo launches monthly video shareholder update, with full transcript released to ASX each month. November has been a big month for Gooroo, with continued member growth, the Beta launch and two key individuals joining the team.

The competitive landscape for Gooroo

It’s easy to look at Gooroo as relative newcomer in the recruitment sector and assume that it’s just more of the same. But Gooroo is like nothing else in the HR tech market today.

Our advanced matching technology, along with our niche focus on the tech sector, provides us with a unique competitive advantage.

The visual below shows how we differentiate...

Why Gooroo is set to raise $5 million

After three years of product development, it’s time for Gooroo to hit the accelerator. Gooroo is focused on becoming a brand in a global marketplace and that requires capital: about $5 million at this stage.

We’ve invested upwards of $2 million building the platform, bringing us to the point of product completion. Now we’re entering into a new growth phase, raising money to expand our team, especially in the areas of sales and marketing - to get the Gooroo message out to market. Our aim is to expose as many organisations to our technology as possible.

Microsoft, LinkedIn and Gooroo

Since our global alliance with Microsoft was announced in January, things have become even more exciting here at Gooroo. Part of that is thanks to a little takeover you may have read about in June – Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn was the largest in its history, and opens up a world of possibilities for Gooroo...

Tech professionals love Gooroo: Here’s why

Gooroo analyses over 750,000 tech job ads each month across Australia, UK and USA. As a result, no one knows more about the market for tech talent. But our relationship with technical talent goes much deeper than just market research. Here are some of the reasons that talented IT professionals love Gooroo...

The 10,000+ member Gooroo community

One of the most exciting things for me in 2016 has been watching the growth of the Gooroo Community. The Community is an international talent pool of over 10,000 tech specialists. Over the past five months, that community has grown by over 400%...

Gooroo's CEO: "Tech talent is the world's biggest niche"

A common question that we get at Gooroo is ‘why are we only focusing on technology talent?’ ‘Why not cast the net wide across a range of industries?’

Gooroo’s underlying technology and IP could easily be adapted to cover a range of industries. But we’ve decided to focus solely on the technology sector and that’s where our attention will remain for the time being. It’s something we’ve put a lot of thought into. Here’s why we made the decision to just focus on technology talent:

Our ambitious targets for 2016

It’s been a whirlwind ride for the Gooroo team as we’ve gone from startup to preparing for ASX listing in less than four years. And the pace isn’t set to slow down over the next 12 months. 

2016 has already been a big year for the Gooroo team. In January we entered a three-year global partnership with Microsoft, which goes a long way to validating our technology and business model. 

Some of the big targets we have for the next 12 months include ...