In October 2017, the Australian Senate established a Committee on the Future of Work and Workers on the impact of technological and other changes.
The future of work is changing and will continue to do so. As technological change, disruptive innovations, and the increasing uncertainty in workplaces combine to create a sense of anxiety amongst workers, the real issue we are all faced with is the future of access to meaningful work.
Our research indicates a technological thinking divide that ties the digital divide in Australia to a growing concern amongst Australian workers about the rate of disruptive change. Since 2016, Gooroo has invested in research and development into two streams of analysis: 

  1. The potential of linking neuroscience and artificial intelligence to facilitate a more meaningful match between individuals and employers, who face increasing requirements for higher levels of technological thinking.
  2. The need to balance the more efficient placement of individuals in the workforce, with the challenges faced by those who are left behind and require a “high touch” intervention to transition into the new economy.

We welcome you to read our detailed analysis and recommendations to the Senate Committee. If you'd like to learn more about Gooroo or discuss our Future of Work & Workers submission, please get in touch.

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