As announced to the ASX on 5 December 2018

Key highlights:

  • PeoplePlus are a leading provider of employment services to Australian State and Commonwealth Governments

  • PeoplePlus to use Gooroo technology to improve the conversion of long-term job seekers into sustainable and meaningful work

  • Gooroo to share in revenue generated

PeoplePlus Enterprises (“PeoplePlus”) are a contracted provider of employment services to the Australian government under the jobactive contract as well as Disability Employment, Transition to Work, Time to Work, ParentsNext and Jobs Victoria.

jobactive is the Australian Government’s program to get people into work. jobactive providers, such as PeoplePlus, connect job seekers with employers across over 1700 locations in Australia.

PeoplePlus operates its employment programs from over 110 locations and are one of the leading employment services providers in the country.

PeoplePlus is partnering with Gooroo to bring new capability and cutting-edge innovation to the jobactive sector, focusing on the long-term unemployed job seeker (jobactive streams B & C).

Gooroo will share 40% of the revenue earned by PeoplePlus for each job seeker placed in work. Over the initial 6 month period, a minimum of 200 long-term unemployed job seekers (classified in streams B & C) will be assessed by Gooroo methodology*. Beyond this period, the parties will explore the expansion of this program to the many thousand job seekers PeoplePlus manage each year.

Gooroo technology will be used to assist job seekers in understanding their own mindset, skills and passions, offering a self-directed experience in which individuals are able to explore careers and opportunities which align to their own objectives for their future. Gooroo’s service offers predictive career and role matching based on individual characteristics and the work they are most likely to enjoy and succeed in. Each job seeker will receive a personalised career and job plan.

The goal of the partnership is to get more long-term unemployed jobseekers into employment, reduce the time taken to place people into sustainable and meaningful employment, and improve the rate of retention in work. PeoplePlus and Gooroo will work to:

  • demonstrate the significant long-term reductions in Government welfare payments by offering sustainable opportunities that are personalised to each individual;

  • illustrate the importance of the relationship with the local business community and how business needs to prepare for new workers; and

  • match people's needs, wants, hopes, and expectations in an environment where the natue of work and workplaces are changing.

Comments from Con Kittos, Executive Chairman, PeoplePlus

The team at Gooroo have demonstrated they have advanced capability that we believe will make an important difference to how we place long-term job seekers. Their intelligent platform and methodology will deliver an opportunity for us to achieve better outcomes for the jobseeker, the Australian Government and the future prosperity of our country.

Comments from Greg Muller, CEO Gooroo

Gooroo technology can play an important role in the future of all Australians. Supported by our long-term partnership with "Life. Be in it", we are committed to making our technology available to those who most need it. Our partnership with PeoplePlus helps us deliver against this commitment. Con and I share a vision for how our shared capabilities can make a real difference to the lives of many locally and eventually, globally.

*Gooroo will share in 40% of the revenue generated by PeoplePlus via their jobactive contract with the Australian Government. We have agreed to process over 200 people in the initial 6 month period, and we expect to earn many hundreds of dollars per job seeker processed. Over the coming 12-24 months, our goal is to expand the program to numerous thousands of job seekers each year, grow our returns per job seeker, and proactively explore new opportunities with PeoplePlus. To review the outcome payments offered under the jobactive contract, please read pages 130 and 131 in the Australian Government's jobactive Deed (Tables 1A and 1B). Our contract with PeoplePlus is focused on all job seeker unemployment profiles in Streams B and C.

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