As published to the ASX on 16 October 2018

Key highlights:

  • World’s largest corporate team building group, Catalyst Global, signs long-term partnership with Gooroo

  • Catalyst operate in 52 countries across 45 partner firms

  • Gooroo technology to be progressively adopted by partner firms, delivering a scalable revenue stream

Catalyst Global (“Catalyst”) is the leading and largest teambuilding network in the world, operating through 45 partner firms across 52 countries.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people participate in Catalyst team building programs around the world. Clients are typically medium-to-large corporate enterprises who are focused on improving the culture of teams, inspiring collaboration and increasing communication and trust.

Catalyst Group has signed an initial three (3) year partnership with Gooroo, incorporating the progressive rollout and integration of Gooroo technology across the partner network, beginning in Australia. The people analytics offered by Gooroo will deliver individual and team-based insights to enhance program delivery and experience for group leaders and individuals. Catalyst expects to work with Gooroo to bring new products to their customers in team development, expanding their competitive differentiation and revenue per customer.

The agreement requires each participating partner to pay an annual access licence, plus AUD $35 for every participant profiled using Gooroo technology. Globally, Catalyst engages with nearly 200,000 participants each year. As the master distributor, Catalyst Group will receive a small incentive payment for each person processed through the Gooroo platform.

Comments from Guy Baker, CEO Catalyst Global

Over the last 25 years, Catalyst has been a global innovator in team building programs. While our programs continue to evolve, we are seeing our client businesses impacted by the need to be more agile and responsive. Tools that help us to tap into the inner workings and dynamics of teams help us to deliver a bigger and more sustained impact for our customers. We see Gooroo technology providing our partners with capability that can both improve the effectiveness of their programs and open up new sales conversations to help grow their business.

Comments from Greg Muller, CEO Gooroo

This partnership with Catalyst is a further representation of how we are building scalable distribution networks and revenue streams. Gooroo’s predictive people insights can be applied across many business applications; opening the door for progressive businesses, like Catalyst, to market new and differentiated products and services. We are excited about working with Guy and influencing the growth of the Catalyst Global business and network.

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