Gooroo is a technology platform that matches talent potential to aspiration in a rapidly changing world.

    What Gooroo does

    Gooroo is a strategic workforce planning and people analytics platform that helps leaders:

    • understand their people better to help construct more effective teams, promote internal mobility, inform succession planning and professional development 
    • define the characteristics of who needs to be hired (beyond skills) to ensure alignment with the team and company culture
    • recruit more efficiently (identify, screen, match and shortlist) and accurately to dramatically reduce hiring risk and improve fit and diversity
    • evaluate a team's (cultural) alignment to the company’s strategy, objectives and the competitive environment they face.

    Core products

    Gooroo uses artificial intelligence and neuroscience across the following products:

    • Gooroo Mindspace  understands individual mindset, evaluates team alignment and capability for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism.
    • Gooroo People helps organisations build enriched talent banks to speed up access to qualified talent, and inform talent development and reskilling strategies.
    • Gooroo Match intelligently screens and ranks all (internal & external) candidates for an open role.
    • Gooroo Insights provides valuable analytics on the international ITC/Digital job market to inform hiring strategy in this critical sector.

    Watch Greg Muller, Founder & CEO as he talks about Gooroo's intelligent screening & matching technology. This unique technology delivers customers with increased speed and accuracy in talent selection while reducing uncertainty and churn.

    Market focus

    Gooroo's enterprise platform is targeted at mid-large employers and recruiters.

    The target client is an organisation that understands that its future success and competitive advantage will be through its people.

    Gooroo can be applied to lift capability, reduce risk and prepare for a stronger future:

    • Workforce Planning
    • Organisational Design
    • Succession Planning
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Innovation & Strategy
    • Reskilling & Talent Development
    • Evaluation & Team Design
    • Hiring & Graduates

    In May 2017, Gooroo begun commercial sales focused initially in the Australian market. Investors should expect to see the Gooroo footprint spread internationally in 2018 via international partnerships.

    Gooroo's career management platform is targeted toward individuals who currently work, or aspire to work, in the IT & Digital sector.

    The technology

    Gooroo’s core technology leverages artificial intelligence disciplines such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). In June 2016 Gooroo acquired ColourGrid™, a platform based on neuroscience that is used to evaluate an individual’s mindset, work styles, contribution and alignment to a company and team.

    Gooroo's builds Artificial Consciousness (AC) by combining neuroscience & machine learning backed by 40 years of research - allowing Gooroo to reframe the links between human thinking and the power of disruptive technology.

    Key features of Gooroo technology includes:

    • Natural language processing and parsing engine capable of ingesting very large volumes of job ads, resumes/CVs and social profiles
    • Neural network of skills that is used to inform the relationships between individual skills and roles 
    • Matching engine capable of analysing millions of individual profiles and scoring each person against job roles requirements (expertise, experience and engagement) and training
    • Application programming interfaces (APIs) and microservices deliver secure and efficient services and integration capabilities
    • Advanced Relational Meaning System (ARMS) replicates the way that brain, mind, and consciousness are integrated to build a frame of reference for how we make decisions, in particular in times of choice and uncertainty. It allows us to establish the sequence and patterns of human thought that generates 'meaning' and a preferred pathway to a specific goal and objective. This allows us to map an individual’s likely decision-making patterns in specific settings and environments. 

    What's special & different?

    Gooroo brings advanced science and data to a business decision or career move; accurately, reliably and rapidly.

    Other software will seek to evaluate an individual in the context of themselves, without establishing a relationship between the specific requirements and demands of a role and the context of the team and organisation. Managers, consultants and stakeholders then spend time attempting to understand how that person's skills, aptitudes and 'personality' relate to the position, how they compare with others, and if they will fit. Despite  considerable time and cost, there is often very little confidence in the decisions being made.

    Gooroo, in contrast, understands how each individual fits to a given role; in the context of the team and an organisation's goals. It doesn't discriminate on gender, race, creed or orientation. Uniquely, Gooroo can rapidly build a 720 degree profile of the skills and thinking patterns of each individual, and can inform how this is likely play out in the workplace.

    Being a cloud-based platform, Gooroo handles impressive scale; offering even global corporations unparalleled insight, speed and confidence over their decisions. 

    Finally, as we move in to a new era of work, uncertainty and change will be constants as advances in technology dominate our lives. Organisations need the right team to be able to adapt and capitalise, or risk losing market share and potential obsolescence. Gooroo technology helps organisation's compile the right innovative, creative and entrepreneurial thinking across the business so they're more ready for an increasingly turbulent and competitive future. 


    Just some of the benefits of using Gooroo:

    • A more innovative and prepared business that is ready to combat competitive threats
    • Ability to identify the 'accessible' human potential within existing or prospective staff
    • Improved team performance through better team design and stronger engagement
    • Ability to identify future leaders early, while identifying those less aligned to the organisation's future
    • More insightful and engaging staff development plans to support re-skilling of the workforce
    • Improved organisational cultural alignment and future readiness 
    • Lower bad hire rates and the large cost, time and emotional impacts
    • Reduced time to hire and cost to hire, improving responsiveness and efficiencies 
    • Seamless user experience through integration with other platforms and systems.

    Commercial model

    The go-to-market model is through direct sales and via distribution partners and resellers.

    Customers are charged an annual subscription license, plus a cost per person and team evaluated.

    Resellers and consulting partners earn attractive rebates and recurring commissions.

    Services are also offered via an API for system integration and technology partners.

    Global alliance with Microsoft Corporation

    In January 2016 Gooroo signed a three-year alliance with Microsoft, affirming the value of Gooroo to the global IT community. Gooroo is providing a series of special benefits to millions of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) and Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) of which Microsoft communicate through various mediumsGooroo has also been awarded Microsoft Learning Partner status.

    Learn more on the Microsoft landing page

    Source: Microsoft produced banner used to promote alliance on social media

    Patenting the process of 'how we think'

    In October 2017, Gooroo lodged a patent application on the process of human thinking - securing Gooroo’s globally unique ability to map the decision-making patterns of individuals. The application of this intellectual property is both significant for organisations who seek to better understand and engage their workforce & customers.

    Gooroo is now working with clients and partners who wish to advance their strategic planning, people, innovation, marketing capabilities. 


    Building a community of IT professionals

    Gooroo continues to build an online community of ITC/Digital professionals, now exceeding 23,000 individuals. This specialised pool of talent is made available as a value-added feature to subscribing employers and recruiters.

     Source: A visualisation produced from Gooroo's member database (August 2016)

    Source: A visualisation produced from Gooroo's member database (August 2016)

    Gooroo wins Innovation of the Year

    Gooroo Hirer was recognized as Innovation of the Year by peak industry body AIIA in the Big Data & Machine Learning category at the Victorian iAwards. 

    The iAwards are the most recognised and prestigious technology innovation award in Australia. The iAwards discover, recognise and reward the technology innovations that have the potential to, or are already having a positive impact on the community – at home, in the office and on a global scale.

    Michael North, CEO, Kinetic IT
    Kinetic IT
    Our business is about bringing great people together to service our customers. Talent is paramount to Kinetic IT. The automation technology Gooroo provides will enable greater insights to assist us to work more efficiently and with greater precision.
    — Michael North, CEO, Kinetic IT
    Georgina Parker, Xpand
    We have utilised psychometric tools in the past but found the results too shallow and generic to be of any value. We needed more sophisticated technology to extract information that would facilitate our decision-making, instead of being just a “cosmetic” supplement. Gooroo stood out to us as the most insightful tool that was truly fit for our purpose.
    — Georgina Parker, Country Manager Singapore, Xpand