Key highlights: 

  • June saw continued success in the enterprise market. Enterprise clients love our ability to build a benchmark of what high potential talent looks like in their specific teams and organisation. We expect this benchmark-led approach will increasingly form the core of our enterprise sales approach.
  • Gooroo was announced as local winner of the iAward for innovation in machine learning and big data - further validation of our technology and approach. 

Transcript of the June update

Please note that this transcript has been edited slightly for readability.

Welcome shareholders to the June 2017 Gooroo Ventures shareholder update. There are four items I'd like to cover off today:

  1. The past month.
  2. What's resonating within the enterprise market.
  3. Our recent success at the iAwards.
  4. And finally some brief reflections on the past financial year

The past month

Okay, let's get started with what's happened in the last month. As I alluded to in last month's shareholder update, the entire team is focused on chasing down large enterprise deals. What we're seeing is these activities are now starting to pay off.

What's resonating in the enterprise market

So that takes me on to point two and what's really resonating in the sales process.

Every organisation wants to hire on potential. But what we're seeing out there in the hiring practices that are typically used is that they're looking at people's past as an indicator, rather than looking at and predicting their future performance. What comes with this is a realisation that high performance in one organisation does not necessarily translate to high-performance in another. This is what we're selling.

It's this ability to set up a benchmark for a specific team and organisation that's really resonating in market, and you saw this as well last month with the Readify deal we announced. What I'll continue to do over the coming months is update you on this benchmark process and the role it plays in our Match, Assess and Grow product framework.

iAwards success

So thirdly what I'd like to briefly discuss is our recent success at the Victorian iAwards. The iAwards are Australia's peak technology awards, and we were particularly excited to be announced Innovation of the Year in the Big Data & Machine Learning category.

As shareholders, we all understand how big this opportunity is and this award represents great validation of how our technology is solving this problem. We're not excited about a trophy, rather what we are excited about is that leading tech experts have taken a deep look at our technology, and they've determined that this represents the most substantial innovation in big data and machine learning in the state this year.

Reflections on the financial year

And finally as we look back over the last financial year we've been reflecting on our achievements, and the lessons learnt. As we've built the product and gone to market over the last 12 months, we've learnt a lot. What's been consistent is the market's appetite for a better more intelligent solution to hire technology talent. We've worked really hard to find the types of organisations where our technology has the potential to add the most value.

So what we're seeing through our direct sales team and the recent client wins we've announced to market is that our technology and our product is hitting the mark with enterprise clients. And over the next few weeks and months, we're going to be laser focused on winning these opportunities.

Thanks shareholders for your support, we'll see you next month.


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