Key highlights:

  • Gooroo continues to focus on commercialisation and optimisation of the hirer platform
  • We are seeing continued success on both the hirer and talent sides of the marketplace, with strong feedback and growth in key metrics
  • Over the next month we’re working hard on some substantial partnerships, as well as appointing sales and marketing leaders in Australia and the US

Transcript of the March update

Welcome to the March 2017 Gooroo Ventures shareholder update. I want to talk you today about our continued focus on the optimisation of our Gooroo platform.
There are four key items that I want to talk about today:

  1. The continued success we're having with hirers.

  2. How we're seeing the engagement with our talent community and how that's growing.

  3. What we see as our big next steps.

  4. What we have planned over the coming month. 

Hirer success

Okay, let's talk about our successes that we're having with hirers. Since I last spoke to you, we've seen hundreds of jobs added into the system and thousands of invites being sent to candidates. I also talked about our optimisation efforts. Our optimisation efforts over the last month have netted a 50% increase in the number of invitations sent by hirers to candidates.
I also wanted to give you a feel for what we're hearing from hirers about why they're loving the platform:

  • First and foremost Gooroo asks talent how much they love using a particular skill. A number of hirers have told us they love that because they want to place people who love the job that they're doing.

  • Secondly the instantaneous matching of an individual to their role is something completely unique.

  • And finally, the job definition process is very smooth and very easy to use. 

Talent engagement

Let me now talk about the successes that we're having on the talent side and the engagement that we're building.
Over the last few weeks, we've increased our talent pool to 18,500 verified and registered members. That's up from 17,000 just a few weeks ago.
Over the last few months, over 1.3 million opportunities have been sent to our community. And 4500 people have applied for jobs. So as you can see we've got both sides of the marketplace separately working well.

Next steps 

As we continue to drive commercialisation, we're bringing those two sides together (the hirers and the talent). And what are we focusing on in particular?

  • Applications – that is talent responding to opportunities that are being sent by hirers and optimising that process, and
  • Invitations – hirers sending multiple invitations out per job.

So whilst we haven't quite hit our scale point yet, we're working really hard with both hirers and talent to drive those metrics in the right direction.

The next month

Finally, let me share with you what we're working on over the next month. We've appointed sales and marketing leaders in Australia and the US. We've done that to drive sales outcomes and commercial returns in those markets.
One of these leaders is Darcy Cameron, our VP of Marketing. She is ex She's got an experience in building and growing online marketplaces, and starts with us next month.
Also, we're working on some big partnerships that are going to drive reach and commercial outcomes for our business, and I'll keep you updated on those.
Thank you, shareholders. I'll speak to you next month.

Please note that this transcript has been edited slightly for readability.


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