Key highlights:

  • Gooroo's sales process continues to work well, increasing customers from 693 (last update on Feb 3) to nearly 1100 at month end.
  • Our optimisation efforts are paying off, with increasing use and engagement.
  • We announce a deeper relationship with Microsoft, bringing more talent to the platform.
  • Gooroo sales team to launch into the UK from the start of March.

Transcript of the February update

Welcome Shareholders to the Gooroo Ventures February 2017 update. I have four items I'd like to cover today.

  1. Our half-yearly report.
  2. The update to our sales program and optimisation program for our Hirer platform.
  3. Our Microsoft partnership.
  4. Our UK sales launch.

Half-yearly report

Okay, let's get started. Our half-yearly results, as you will have seen, we've now released these to market.

The last six months represented an important stage of getting the business ready for commercialisation. The results were as expected, and we're now at a point of driving sales and adoption of our Hirer platform which is the period we're in right now.

Sales and optimisation program

Let's move on to section two, an update on our Gooroo Hirer platform launch.

Back a little while ago I announced that 690 customers had signed up to the platform. As we near the end of February that number is approaching 1,100 customers, just in a few short weeks. So, what this is telling us is that our sales model is working. It's penetrating the market and it’s resonating.

It also allows us to focus our attention on optimisation of the experience that these customers are having. Because we know that when they get value from the platform and as they experience the platform that will drive them through to purchase and revenue.

So, the optimisation program is all about getting people adding jobs, and sending out invitations. We're also making sure the candidates are responding to those invitations. It means that we're getting on the phones, following customers up and looking at the data that we have about our system. That gives us incredible insight to make adjustments and to optimise that purchase funnel.

So, what does optimisation mean for Gooroo? Well, we're a two-sided marketplace; for hirers it's all about getting them to add jobs and send invitations out, for talent it's all about applications, responding to the invitations that hirers send, because when they do Gooroo makes money.

How we’re optimising is in two key ways, firstly we're getting on the phones, we're speaking to hirers making sure that they understand the platform, know what to do and are getting the value out of it. And, for talent we're making contact to make sure that they receive the invite and have everything that they need to respond to that invitation from the hirer.

Now let me show you the impact of this optimisation program on just a couple of key data points. I talked earlier about jobs and invitations from hirers, as you'll see over the last few days the numbers of jobs are increasing, but the rate of invitations is increasing at a much greater level.

Optimisation does that, it allows us to speak to customers but also look at data, learn from what's going on, make adjustments and improve the experience to get the results that we need. While we're not quite there yet we are very very close to what represents a critical inflection point and an exciting time as we scale this business.

Microsoft partnership

Also this month we announced an expansion of our partnership with Microsoft, this is particularly important because we do run a multisided marketplace. These expanded programs grow our reach and influence across the global IT community.

UK sales launch

And, finally over the next month we're going to be rolling our sales team into the UK. We're also going to be continuing that optimisation program that I spoke about a few moments ago.

We have a lot of hard work to do, but it's a really exciting time here at Gooroo, and it's a great time to be a shareholder.

I'll speak to you again next month.

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