As announced on 25 January, Gooroo initiated an outbound sales program targeted toward the USA market of employers and recruiters of tech talent. The first day netted 74 customers.

Since then the Company exceeded its first week target of new customer sign-ups by over 150%. 546 companies have now joined Gooroo Hirer in the USA over the past 8 business days (to 2 February 2017). This brings the total to 693 customers when including Australia.

As advised last month, these companies convert to a paid monthly subscription after 30 days. 

Payments also take place when hirers want to have a conversation with candidates they have been matched to. In this same 8 day period 103 new jobs were published on the Gooroo platform with hirers already starting to invite candidates. Gooroo earns a fee of between AUD$200-$1,000 (based on role seniority) when each candidate accepts the hirer’s invitation to connect. For each job posted, Gooroo is expecting an average of 2-3 accepted invitations.

“A good first test for a new product is to measure how quickly a prospective customer ‘gets’ the value proposition and wants to move ahead. This is happening in a first call. It’s safe to say we’re hitting a real nerve out there. Our team is focused on ensuring every one of the companies get a taste of the Gooroo experience so we maximise the conversion rate to paying customers.” says Greg Muller, CEO Gooroo Ventures.

First released to the ASX on Friday, 3 February 2017.