Since our global alliance with Microsoft was announced in January, things have become even more exciting here at Gooroo. Part of that is thanks to a little takeover you may have read about in June – Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn was the largest in its history, and may open a world of possibilities for Gooroo.

Our relationship with Microsoft has been everything we hoped for – engaged, energetic and underpinned by a mutual admiration and respect. Now we look forward to the opportunities that come with having LinkedIn as part of our extended ‘family’ as well.

How we’re working with Microsoft to develop the tech community

We’re one of a select few organisations working with Microsoft’s Learning division (LeX). It’s a great fit for Gooroo as LeX is focused on using emerging and enabling technologies to facilitate learning, personal growth and career development.

At the core of our relationship with Microsoft is helping Microsoft’s Certified Professional (MCP) community to build richer and more fulfilling tech careers. Microsoft is advocating the Gooroo platform, already used by well over 10,000 tech professionals from around the globe, to provide new opportunities for its community whilst improving their employability.

It’s not just tech professionals who will be benefitting: it’s college students and schoolkids who are looking to build a career supported by Microsoft’s suite of personal and enterprise tools.

Our collaborative relationship with Microsoft

We have a very collaborative relationship with Microsoft. We have formal fortnightly status catch-ups, but both of our teams feel comfortable picking up the phone at any time.

It’s been a great start to what is a very strategic relationship for Gooroo and signs point to even bigger things to come. We’re working on some pretty cool initiatives, which are all about helping extend valuable employment opportunities to the MCP community while recognising the quality and industry relevance of their certification.

What does the LinkedIn acquisition mean?

We couldn’t be more excited by Microsoft’s strategic acquisition of LinkedIn. We believe Microsoft, LinkedIn and Gooroo have complementary skills, products and services. As a result, the deal could open new horizons for all of us.

LinkedIn, of course, focuses on a broader, cross-industry audience, now operating on massive scale. LinkedIn’s incredible community and proven track record represent new opportunities for Gooroo to target professional tech talent.

I believe LinkedIn may be equally excited when we have the opportunity to share with them the potential applications of our technology and the opportunities Gooroo can offer their community and customers.

Putting it all together

The Microsoft Learning team is all about growing and developing tech careers. They have the might and experience of Microsoft Corp behind them. LinkedIn is all about building your professional network. They’ve grown from a startup to a global phenomenon. Gooroo is focused on knowing more about tech talent than anyone. That’s our passion. That’s our drive.

Together our goals are pretty aligned. We have technology that LinkedIn could leverage, and of course that Microsoft can exploit within their community globally.

There’s certainly a lot of fertile ground yet to be explored between Microsoft, LinkedIn and Gooroo. We’re excited to harness those possibilities in the coming years and beyond, while delivering meaningful opportunity for each of our communities.