After three years of product development, it’s time for Gooroo to hit the accelerator. Gooroo is focused on becoming a brand in a global marketplace and that requires capital: about $5 million at this stage.

We’ve invested upwards of $2 million building the platform, bringing us to the point of product completion. Now we’re entering into a new growth phase, raising money to expand our team, especially in the areas of sales and marketing - to get the Gooroo message out to market. Our aim is to expose as many organisations to our technology as possible.

We will also continue to build our technology team and accelerate product development as demand dictates - we have big plans to bring exciting new features and enhancements to the market over the coming months and years. But our main focus is on driving the commercialisation model for the business we’ve been building and validating.

Why invest now?

The whole technology sector is in an unprecedented phase of growth and transformation. Barely a week goes by without an announcement of new and revolutionary technology set to change the world. Our insatiable appetite for technology as both consumers and businesses shows no sign of abating. The demand for tech talent has never been higher and is only set to increase.

That means there is no better time to be part of the Gooroo story. Gooroo is positioning itself as a leader in the identification, recruitment and placement of the tech talent that organisations need in order to keep up with a changing world We have a great relationship with Microsoft and other learning partners around the world. Now is the opportunity to build beyond this foundation.  

The capital raising timeline

The Gooroo IPO is now open for applications. We will close applications no later than 30 September. The expected date for listing of shares on the ASX is 19 October. For a more detailed timeline see page 3 of the Gooroo Prospectus, available at

More information

For more information about the Gooroo IPO, or contact our lead manager, Taylor Collison. You can reach Dan Eddington on +61 8 8217 3900