A common question that we get at Gooroo is ‘why are we only focusing on technology talent?’ ‘Why not cast the net wide across a range of industries?’

Gooroo’s underlying technology and IP could easily be adapted to cover a range of industries. But we’ve decided to focus solely on the technology sector and that’s where our attention will remain for the time being. It’s something we’ve put a lot of thought into. Here’s why we made the decision to just focus on technology talent:

The tech sector is big – really big

Niche doesn't mean small. Our modelling shows that the size of global IT community is nudging 100 million, with over 25 million jobs advertised every year. The global information technology recruitment sector is a $150 billion market.

There’s not a business today that doesn’t rely on technology in some way, from the smallest family-run store using point-of-sale systems to multi-nationals that are completely technology driven. The demand for technology, and consequently for tech specialists, is increasing exponentially.

That’s big enough to keep us busy with plenty of room to grow.

No one knows more about tech talent than Gooroo

The Gooroo team knows technology talent. We’ve analysed millions of job adverts and talent resumes. We track hundreds of thousands of new placements each month. We know what makes tech talent tick. We know where demand and supply are going in global job markets. We know which skills will be in demand 6-12 months from now.

This means that we often know better than the hiring company what they’re really looking for. If a hiring manager doesn’t come from an IT or development background, it can be challenging to understand what is needed to fill certain roles.

That uncertainty can lead to costly mistakes. Confidence in hiring for a position the recruiter doesn’t understand is one of the biggest barriers in this industry. I love that Gooroo can remove that doubt and provide quality matches that benefit both talent and employer.

Is there a future for Gooroo beyond technology?

The Gooroo platform certainly has the flexibility to adapt to other sectors. But that is a discussion for some time in the future. Our first focus is to make sure that we develop our technology to the very best it can be to meet the needs of this market.

It is difficult to create deep relationships when trying to traverse multiple industries and appeal to a broad range of sectors. The Gooroo talent community love that we understand them. They love that we tailor opportunities to their skills, career path and cultural fit. They love that we know tech as well as they do.

We may consider expanding to other sectors over time, but it’s a long way away given the size of the opportunity that we’re facing today in technology. For now, tech talent is where our focus remains. It’s what we know, what we love and what we’re exceptionally good at.

Greg Muller is CEO and Founder of Gooroo.io. Find out more about Greg and his background  here    

Greg Muller is CEO and Founder of Gooroo.io. Find out more about Greg and his background here