Gooroo analyses over 750,000 tech job ads each month across Australia, UK and USA. As a result, no one knows more about the market for tech talent. But our relationship with technical talent goes much deeper than just market research. Here are some of the reasons that talented IT professionals love Gooroo.

1. Gooroo is a platform for professional development

The Gooroo Community has grown from a few experts blogging their experiences into a pool of over 10,000 tech specialists from around the world, sharing tips, connections and insights. They speak each other’s language. They mentor each other. There’s a sense of belonging and camaraderie. 

Our talent feel like they are part of something much bigger than a hiring database. It’s a platform that highlights the best in the space, giving the opportunity for personal development, recognition and future opportunity.

2. Gooroo saves time (and recruiters missing the mark)

Tech talent often work contract-to-contract. Rather than spending time hunting for opportunities, Gooroo takes opportunities to them. Because of our unique algorithms, the positions they see are allied to their needs, their expectations and their passions.
Because of the huge demand for talented people, IT specialists can find their daily routine continually disrupted with job solicitations that don’t meet their requirements or expectations. The talent search process can be quite disruptive, with hirers and hawking opportunities that are not aligned with the work that they actually want to do. It’s time-consuming, costly and frustrating.
Gooroo takes the time, expense and aggravation out of the process by assisting individuals to chart where they want to go in their career and setting realistic expectations of the money they may earn. It means the talent can concentrate on what they like to do and not on pointless admin.

3. Gooroo delivers great job matches, more often 

Tech talent can be a transient bunch, and because their skills are in high demand they have the luxury of moving around. But no two contracts or roles are the same.

Some people do better work in a highly creative environment. Others want to work with a company that values intellect or efficiency. Some like a structured day and others want to get the work done when it suits them.

Our Gooroo algorithms ensure that opportunities presented to our community are both a cultural and skills fit.

4. Gooroo is global – but not too global 

Gooroo concentrates on three major markets: Australia, where we started and the market we know best; the UK, which is the hub for the Euro tech industry; and the USA, which is the biggest employer of tech talent in the world. The best employers will cast their net wide for the best people.

The very nature of technology means that many opportunities can be fulfilled remotely. Programmers and IT Professionals don’t necessarily have to confine themselves to their own backyard.

Gooroo can connect talent with global opportunities in countries that have similar culture, pay rates and standards of living. They are not competing for positions where lowest price wins or against people who can afford to undercut on salary and conditions.

Gooroo understands tech talent

The Gooroo team understands tech. We know what makes our members tick and what they’re looking for from their career (and next role). As a result we deliver a more transparent and trusting experience while highlighting better, more aligned opportunities. That’s what tech talent is looking for.

Greg Muller is CEO and Founder of Find out more about Greg and his background  here    

Greg Muller is CEO and Founder of Find out more about Greg and his background here