One of the most exciting things for me in 2016 has been watching the growth of the Gooroo Community. The Community is an international talent pool of over 10,000 tech specialists. Over the past five months, that community has grown by over 400%.

Our Community is the foundation of everything we do

Our Community is at the core of how we attract and engage tech talent on the Gooroo platform. The Community brings new talent to us, and ensures the most talented people continue to come back to the Gooroo platform.

The success of the Community opens up a range of revenue generating opportunities, as you can see from our funnel below:

Built on the success of the Community, where it’s appropriate, we use our matching system to screen and shortlist talent to companies.  Because we know so much about the talent within our Community, we can consistently make better recommendations to both talent and employers.

For the Community, it is a transparent and trusting experience. For the hirer, it’s a candidate who is aligned to the opportunity on skill level, aptitude and cultural fit.

The Gooroo Community is verified

When people sign up to be part of the Gooroo Community, we question them about their experience and abilities.

We unearth the skills they have, and those they hope to acquire. We drill down into which skills they love working with and which they would prefer not to use at all. We ask about the projects and achievements completed using those skills, about the training that they’ve done and the training they plan to do.

Then we inject that information into our algorithms and provide customised and personalised data and opportunities back to our members.

The Gooroo Community adds value for talent and for employers

It was always Gooroo’s plan to be more than a hiring database. One of our core objectives was to create a community that really spoke to its members; one where people felt that they belonged. We foster sharing, mentoring and connections among our Community, much like any social or professional network.

Tech talent like to talk to each other and Gooroo provides them with a platform for sharing thought-provoking and helpful information. The platform we’ve built gives talent the opportunity to interact and collaborate on articles. This not only fosters relationships and connections, but also builds their online profile and boosts their credentials, helping them get noticed by talent scouts. 

How we’re driving ongoing growth of the Community

Over time, we’re seeing heightened legitimacy of the Community through key industry partnerships like Microsoft. We’re also actively engaging with senior members of the technology community who are leaders in their fields. These initiatives will help support the long-term growth and success of the Community.

However communities don’t grow if there’s no value in being part of them. Our focus is to keep up the momentum, ensuring people have a genuine, valuable experience that supports their career goals.

This focus on experience is why our recent growth has been largely driven by word-of-mouth. Our members are getting value and telling their friends and colleagues.

For all these reasons, the Gooroo Community will be one of our greatest long-term assets.

Greg Muller is CEO and Founder of Find out more about Greg and his background  here    

Greg Muller is CEO and Founder of Find out more about Greg and his background here