It’s been a whirlwind ride for the Gooroo team as we’ve gone from startup to preparing for ASX listing in less than four years. And the pace isn’t set to slow down over the next 12 months. 

2016 has already been a big year for the Gooroo team. In January we entered a three-year global partnership with Microsoft, which goes a long way to validating our technology and business model. 

Some of the big targets we have for the next 12 months include:

  • Sep ’16 - Completion of ‘Hirer’ platform pilot program with employers/recruiters. Successful completion will deliver validated algorithms as well as case studies to use across our sales and marketing program. 

  • Nov ’16 - Launch ‘Hirer’ platform. A key milestone as our Hirer platform is made available for public subscription. 

  • Dec ’16 - First 100 subscriptions of the Hirer platform. Demonstrating our marketing activities & sales funnel are delivering against projected growth targets.

  • Dec ’16 - Completed integrations with 5 verification partners. Reinforcement that Gooroo is the source of certitude for talent qualifications & skill competency. 

  • Dec ’16 - Launch Indian & Canadian markets. Gooroo will complete data integrations for these markets & open marketing channels by end of calendar 2016. 

  • Apr ’17 - First 5,000 matches. Demonstrating the platform is meeting projected levels of adoption by the hiring community & generating high quality candidates.

All of these targets are made possible by our relentless focus on match quality. We know more about tech talent than anyone else, so we can deliver better matches to both talent and employers. Match quality is what all of our algorithms, data and technology have been designed to deliver. 

For talent, we’re striving to deliver a transparent and trusting experience while decreasing job seekers’ time searching for the right position. Our approach is to ensure talented individuals get matches that align to their goals and career growth. 

On the employer side of the equation, we’re focused on doing the work for hirers to ensure they find the best talent who can do the work, will do the job, and will fit the culture of their organisation. 

In addition, our strict verification protocol ensures the candidates we deliver for consideration actually have the skills and experience they claim. Employers don’t need to worry about ‘CV padding’ because we’ve done the verification for them.

For both talent and employers, match quality is the most important measure of Gooroo’s success, over both the short and medium term. 

We have a strong plan to deliver more big wins over the next 12 months

Gooroo is in a strong position to capitalise on the last three years of growth and acceleration. We’ve got a clear set of milestones that we will achieve over the next 12 months. 

It’s exciting to come out of the start-up process and move into a new phase of growth. It means that our attention is turning to process, structure, people and systems. But sitting underneath all these processes is a relentless focus on match quality. Match quality makes everything else in the Gooroo business possible.

We’ve got a big program of work to deliver and all of our stakeholders should be excited to see what the next year holds.

Greg Muller is CEO and Founder of Find out more about Greg and his background  here    

Greg Muller is CEO and Founder of Find out more about Greg and his background here