Key highlights: 

  • Gooroo launches monthly video shareholder update, with full transcript released to ASX each month.
  • November has been a big month for Gooroo, with continued member growth, the Beta launch and two key individuals joining the team.

Transcript of the November update:

Welcome, shareholders, to the first Gooroo Ventures shareholder update. We want to keep you up-to-date with all things happening at Gooroo. We are aiming to get these updates up every month, so stay tuned.  

As we've announced to the ASX, we've pushed through 16,000 verified members on the Gooroo database. This is particularly pleasing because it shows that we are maintaining our strong growth rates with the tech talent community around the world.

So the next stage of our market-release strategy is what we are calling beta. So all those companies that were in the pilot program are now moving into our beta program. What we are also doing is we are rapidly expanding on that number and increasing that up to a hundred organizations that we've previously announced. I'm very confident that we are going to get that number.

So why a beta stage? Well, it's the last stage before we commercialize this platform and get it out for broader market use. We still want to get some feedback from customers, and we want to see the platform operating day-in-day-out within these organizations. So we are going to still continue to encourage feedback from all the organizations that are participating. These registrants that are forming part of the beta program will naturally transition into paid subscriptions through January.

Earlier this month, I also announced that Jose Herrera Perea was joining Gooroo as our Chief Operating Officer. What's particularly pleasing is that he's had an immediate positive impact. In fact, he is cracking the whip with the team to make sure we hit our targets. I've got him focused on delivering structure and process within the business, to ensure that the milestones that we are setting internally and the promises that we are making externally are going to be hit. 

Earlier this month, we also announced that Anna Whitlam is joining the Gooroo Ventures board. Anna is just one of those individuals incredibly impressive and I'm particularly excited we're going to be working with Anna over the coming months and years. Anna has a very deep experience in the recruitment sector and has an extensive global network and I can see Anna supporting our growth globally as we look to push into our international market.

We've got a big month in December coming up and we want to finish 2016 really strong. We have hit some massive targets this year and we have got some more to go. To achieve that, we are meeting daily as a team to make sure we hit those targets and finish this year really, really strong.

We are also pre-planning for the USA in the first quarter of next year, so ramping up our sales effort at that and pushing our commercialization strategy for 2017.

Finally, for all shareholders, I'd like to thank you for your continued support in the business, and we've got an exciting road ahead. I welcome your feedback and don’t hesitate to contact me and the team at any time.

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