It’s easy to look at Gooroo as relative newcomer in the recruitment sector and assume that it’s just more of the same. But Gooroo is like nothing else in the HR tech market today.

Our advanced matching technology, along with our niche focus on the tech sector, provides us with a unique competitive advantage.

The visual below shows how we differentiate from other players in the HR tech market:

The competitive landscape

Job boards (i.e. Monster, Seek)

Job boards are the online equivalent of the old classified advertisements. Employers post a job offer and hope that the right person is checking that particular board at the right time. If the position requires a high-demand skillset, organisations have to ensure their advertisement stands out in the hope that the best talent will notice.

Job boards have been around for at least 15-20 years, and despite being a somewhat dated approach to finding talent, they remain the dominant recruitment method.

The problem is that job boards are passive. They rely on people coming to them when they are hunting for a new opportunity. Organisations rely on people submitting honest resumes and then hope that interviewing shortlisted candidates will weed out those who aren’t the right fit. It may be the way recruitment has been done for decades, but that doesn’t mean it is the most efficient way.

Community/talent platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Hive, JobandTalent)

Social and talent networks - most prominently LinkedIn - turn the traditional job-hunting method on its head. These are platforms that showcase people’s talents so that recruiters can identify and target individuals with the attributes they want for their organisation.

Good talent networks are a step up from traditional job boards. However, they still depend on the best tech talent using them, regularly updating their profile, and including all the right keywords to match recruiters’ search terms. Organisations could easily miss great talent simply because some people describe their skills differently, or don't maintain the right profile.

HR / workflow management systems (i.e. PeopleSoft, Successfactors, Jobscience)

There are a number of organisations such as Jobscience and SuccessFactors that are focused on managing workflow, managing process and managing talent ecosystems within organisations.

They focus on workflow within the organisation and cover the full spectrum of human resources department tasks. They are management systems that enable the identification and better management of individuals once they’ve arrived within the organisation.

Ultimately, these platforms are complimentary to Gooroo. Despite the wide-ranging application of these HR management tools, most HR departments still rely on the traditional methods to locate and shortlist talent.

How Gooroo competes

Although there are several organisations that do a great job fulfilling the specific functions of job board, community/talent network or HR/workflow management system, there’s no application designed to help organisations identify and hire the best tech talent for their specific need. We differentiate through better technology, and an approach focused just on tech talent:

Better technology

Gooroo takes career management to the next level for both talent and organisations. Our collection and analysis of job data, along with advanced machine learning and sociometric technologies, allows us to appraise the technology job market in a way hasn’t been previously possible.

The Gooroo technology transforms how the job search process operates, making it simpler, more accurate and exceptionally efficient. Sociometric analysis ensures intelligent matching, and our machine learning technology makes those platforms faster, smarter and better at creating rewarding matches.

A focussed approach

Most players in the recruitment marketplace are generalists. Gooroo specialises in tech talent only. As I’ve talked about previously, tech is what we know, what we understand, and a huge opportunity.  

We’re entirely focused on the shortlisting stage of the recruitment process, which means we work with and complement HR management systems whilst taking advantage of aspects of job boards and community/talent networks.

There’s a lot of buzz around HR and tech in both the public and venture markets. Why? Because the way many HR processes are run currently is inefficient and inaccurate. It’s ripe for change.

Gooroo has focused on building new technology that can be leveraged by the industry, and also give an individual the opportunity to transform and manage their career in ways that they’ve never been able to do previously. Nobody is in a better position than Gooroo to be the change we all want to see.

Greg Muller is CEO and Founder of Find out more about Greg and his background  here    

Greg Muller is CEO and Founder of Find out more about Greg and his background here